Q. Can I order just one jar?

A. With our new shipping program we have a 2-Jar Minimum. Your best shipping value is 3 or more.  


Q. What is your shipping policy? 

A. We ship our pickles once a week on Mondays to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska. If you have a specific pickle emergency or request, we will do our best to accommodate you. Just email us at hello@kaylinandhobbs.com


Q. How long can my pickles stay out of the fridge?

A. Our pickles can last up to 72 hours out of the fridge. Make sure you get them into the fridge when received to retain our great crunch and flavor.  


Q. Should I keep them in the brine?

A. Keeping them submerged in the brine extends shelf life. If after eating some you see the brine is getting low, cut the pickles in half and stuff them back in the brine to keep them fresh.


Q. Are they gluten free?

A. Yes.

Q. How many pickles do I get in a jar?

A. For our savory pickles, they are whole pickles, you will get between 8 & 12 depending on the size of each pickle. For the sweet pickles, they are 1/4 inch waffle chips, you will get between 60 & 70 chips in each jar.

Q. Are they Vegan?

A. Yes, even the Honey mustard. The Honey is just in the name.


Q. Any sugar in your pickles?

A. Yes, we have a small amount of sugar cane in our sweet pickles.


Q. How long do your pickles last?

A. Three to four months in the fridge - with self-control!